What to Bring?

All Elite campers are provided with a camp t-shirt which we will provided an ID number on the shirt.

All Campers must wear camp issued shirts for identification purposes.

All camps are non-contact. Shoulder pads and helmets are NOT needed.

Cleats, Shoes, Athletic Shorts are needed.

Proof of Insurance and valid physical

Each camper is required to present proof of health insurance and (valid physical in lieu of physician signature). Please bring with you a valid physical and a copy of your health insurance card.

Practice Clothes

Tennis shoes, grass cleats, gym shorts, athletic socks, athletic supporters, and mouthpiece. KICKERS: Kicking tees and kicking shoes

Will someone be able to show us a campus tour?

Once camp has concluded we will have a tour guides available to tour campus.
Not mandatory or apart of the Southern Miss Football Camp